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Mubashar Luqman

Mubashar Luqman
Anchor person
Born: N/A
Profession: Tv Anchor
Affiliation(s): Ary News
Citizenship: Pakistani
Views: 110,913 | Comments: 170 | Votes: 310
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Profile Profile
Mubashir Luqman is one of the top Pakistani anchor persons on TV. As is evident from the name of his program “Khari Baat” (Straight Talk) Luqman is known and revered for bringing out the truth in all its forms with the right amount of audacity and courage. He also writes regularly for the newspapers. Viewers of Mubashir Luqman’s programsare captivated by his hard-hitting questions and dauntless opinion.Mubashir Luqman is foreign educated and it can be seen in his objectivity; unlike most other anchors, he has what it takes to compel his guests to say the high valued point.

Inetrview controversy

Mubashir Lucman, news anchor at private channel Dunya TV, has been suspended for the comments he made ‘off-air’ while interviewing business tycoon Malik Riaz, On the 13th of June, 2012. Behind the scenes footage showing Lucman and his co-anchor Meher Bokhari talking to Riaz during their show surfaced on YouTube under the title “Malik Riaz Planted Interview with Mehar Bokhari and Mubashir Lukman on dunya tv“ on Thursday. The show aired on the TV channel on Wednesday.

Sources told Pakistan Today that an inquiry has been ordered against those who leaked the video. The footage shows conversations between Lucman, Bokhari and Riaz focused on the kind of questions they will be asking. Both anchors are also instructed against interrupting Riaz during the interview. The video begins with general conversation and is followed by Riaz questioning the anchors on why they are not asking why he is part of “deals”. Riaz is seen occasionally choosing topics of his choice, focusing on the chief justice as well. He is also visibly upset during one part of the video, where he says that most of his questions are left and the work isn’t done.

The second part also sees both anchors getting into a little tiff over camera time. Bokhari calls Lucman childish, who takes his mic off and leaves. Riaz appears desperate when Lucman walks off, asking him to come back, saying it will be unfair for him. An angry Lucman returns and tells Riaz that he will say live on air that he was pressurised into doing the show by him (Malik Riaz) and Mian Amir.

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Submited By: Ata ul Aleem
11 April 2014

Salam o alkeyum
Sir Mubashar Luqman my name is Ata ul Aleem and currently i am living in germany i was trying to contact to and find this page to contact you.
Sir Mubashar Luqman i just want to tell you that one of my friend have written a book on Pakistan named as 'Ain or Mazhab' and i just want to gift this book i just want that this book will be directly delivered to you not to a third party.
If you can help me how would be this possible.I shall be very thankful to you.Is it possible that i will post this book directly to you on your home address?If yes then it will be the best way to deliver this book to you to right hands.
With best Regards
Ata ul Aleem
Submited By: Nauman gul khan
24 March 2014
Great show. Mubashir, I hope you remember me from Lahore or Islamabad.My contact no is US. 443-983-0090 . Will be looking forward for your reply. Take care, Nauman Gul.
Submited By: ZAHID
16 March 2014

zara b achey nai lagty
Submited By: Tasneem
08 March 2014
AN EYE OPENER for whole Humanity and Corrupt INTELLECTUALS , Anchors of BBC , CNN or MEDIA like JANG Group or SANA etc they promoted false war on TERRORISM also, MALALA Yousaf ZAI (Toy in UN Lobbies) to declare Pakistan a WILDERNESS (All Conspiracies are hatched in Pentagon to keep weak economies confused in local issues. Every passing day is dragging whole Pakistani Nation to a dead end . UNEMPLOYMENT, INFLATION, LAW & ORDER, GOOD Governance or Poverty Alleviation are SHAM taboos to sit in Parliament or in GHQ and remain CHEAP justice, or CHEAP Executive (Prime-minister etc) Pakistan is a Conspiracy against Muslims of SUB CONTINENT. United States , United Kingdom and SAUDI King are involved in these conspiracies. They are promoting False WAR against people living in Palestine, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Sub Continent was divided in to TWO (East & WEST) Pakistan Kashmir and FATA are declared Disputed AREAS just to TWIST Indian & Pakistan ARMY for US & UK mutual INTEREST. DOLLAR, POUND & Riyal are growing stronger than ever because of SECRET DEALS.
Submited By: FARHAN
18 February 2014
MUBASHHIR SAHIB,as you comments about eden group good and helpfull way,Allah bless spoke succh.
Submited By: Anser rasool
12 February 2014
Sir ap bhut acha kam kar rehe hain ke ab tu awam ki ankhen kholen .hamre PM, ko sirf punjab hi pakistan lagta hai, PPP ko sindh hi pakistan nazr ata hai ,bugti ko balchoistan aur KpK main PTI a ke kuch nehe kar rehi,KPK sirf pakhtuno ka hai.
ap se ek request hai ke ap ye corruption etc TV channel pe dekhate hain So moto action q nehe liya jata. Allah ap ki aur ap ke family ko bahifzat rakhe.
Submited By: Hina
01 February 2014
Assalamualaikum sir. I am MBBS graduate. Sir we need your help regarding an issue but i am not able to contact you. Kindly give your contact number or email address.
Submited By: farhat abass
25 January 2014
aslamo alikum bhai jan mere our mere sb doston ke dowa ap k sath h allaha ap ko mazed such bolne ke hamat d
Submited By: Imtiaz Ahmed
17 December 2013
Dear Brother Mubashir,

I appreciate your efforts to bring the truth of so called topi drama of Aman ki Asha. Unfortunately, I don't get time to watch TV but I heard about the facts that you brought on surface.

I would request you to please, bring the real story of East Pakistan massacre as well.

I am surprised, why people don't speak the truth about the Rwanda style ethnic cleansing of West Pakistanis (WP) and non-Bengalis started weeks before the army action. What Army has done was the reaction, when they found the mosques, wells, ponds filled with dead bodies of pakistanis after arriving on March 26th. Muktee Bahni has done their brutality from 26th March to April 17th in some part of the east pakistan, As it took more than 4 weeks to take over the entire area. See attached International report under for your research. If you need live examples, visit to Orangi Town and talk to any any walking pakistani migrated after fall.
Usually, it is also touted that it was only Pakistan Army that committed horrendous crimes against Bengalis. Again the accusers conveniently forget that the Rwanda style ethnic cleansing of West Pakistanis (WP) and non-Bengalis started weeks before the army action. Between March 1, when Awami League decided to go beyond point of no return, and March 26, when army action started, well over 100,000 WPs, Biharis, and pro-Pakistan Bengalis were killed by Muktee Bahni, Awami League, mutineers of East Bengal Regiment and East Pakistan Rifles. During this period the horrible crimes committed against non-Bengalis are a blot on the pages of history of humanity.

Lets take some examples from the news in international press.

�15,000 non-Bengalis were killed in Bogra, District Santahar in three days. Women were forced to march naked on the roads and mothers were forced to drink blood of their own babies.�

�Over 10,000 non-Bengalis were killed in Chatagong. Well over 250 women and children were killed with bayonets.�

�In Siraj Ganj near Pabna, nearly 350 non-Bengali women and children were locked in a hall and were incinerated alive.�

�In the region of Sankoo Para near Maymon Singh a non Bengali residential colony of 2000 families, was razed to ground. Men were taken out and shot whereas women were raped and forced to dig their own graves, later killed�.

(Times London, 16 April, 1971)

�When East Pakistan Rifles (EPR) committed mutiny, their first reaction was to kill all non-Bengali colleagues. Among 15,000 personnel strong EPR, 40% were non-Bengalis, mostly officers. EPR filled a train with the corpses of their colleagues and their families and buried them near an Indian border town of Hari Das Pur�

(Far Eastern Economic Review, Hong Kong, 24 April 1971, By T.S. George)

�It is evident from the eye-witness accounts that when Bengalis felt that Awaami League will come in power, they killed Biharis at several places and looted their property�.

(New York Times, 10 May, 1972, Malcolm W. Brown)
Submited By: zubair ali
21 November 2013
Aslam o Alikum

Dear Mubashir Luqman ap ko Allah Talah ne bare himat aata kiye hai aur ap ko pure pakistan kai ap awaz bvan kar ais e hai program karte rahine
Submited By: sajjad khan khel
14 November 2013
assalamoalikum mubassir luqman sahab apke wo show buhat zabardast ha jis me ap baharat ko moo tor jawab dete ha aur pakistan army aur isi ka khilaf jo probiganda hota ha ause benaqab krte ha pakistan me sirf ap hi aik anchor ho jo army aur isi ka sath dete ha aur os par programme krta ha allah pak khush rakhe apko aur ap apna kam jari rakhe aur baqi pakistan ka anchor ko allah pak tufiq de ka wo baharat ka jo ganda chahra ha aur isi pak army ka khilaf jo sazish hoti ha ause banaqab kare barhal jo kare na kare ap apna kam krte rahe ...
Submited By: sajjad khan khel
14 November 2013
assalamoalikum mubassir luqman sahab apke wo show buhat zabardast ha jis me ap baharat ko moo tor jawab dete ha aur pakistan army aur isi ka khilaf jo probiganda hota ha ause benaqab krte ha pakistan me sirf ap hi aik anchor ho jo army aur isi ka sath dete ha aur os par programme krta ha allah pak khush rakhe apko aur ap apna kam jari rakhe aur baqi pakistan ka anchor ko allah pak tufiq de ka wo baharat ka jo ganda chahra ha aur isi pak army ka khilaf jo sazish hoti ha ause banaqab kare barhal jo kare na kare ap apna kam krte rahe ...
Submited By: M.A.MULTANI
06 November 2013
Dear Mubashir Lucman sahb,
Asslamo Alaikum w/b, aapka prograam dekha 5-6 Nov.2013. Jistrah jeo ne Obama ke kehne per 9/11 ko dekhaya hai Esa lagta tha ke apne hi mulk mai hua hai, ab uska kuffara ada karne ke lie Gold Smith Jamaika ki Movie dekha de to shayed kuch gunah kam ho jai.Jo Jamaika ne kia uska to Hum Sahi Mano mai Sukria bhi ada nahi karsakte.
04 November 2013
The Biggest Liar / Mafia Person/ Agent/ Broker of Pakistan is Mubashir Luqman. He needs $$$$$ and it does not matter at what cost??

People forget his Secret Video on Dunya NEWS. Pakistani People are really short Memory ... Is not that?

The Biggest Liar / Mafia Person/ Agent/ Broker of Pakistan is Mubashir Luqman. He needs $$$$$ and it does not matter at what cost??

People forget his Secret Video on Dunya NEWS. Pakistani People are really short Memory ... Is not that?
Submited By: shams habib khokhar
04 November 2013
we are a farmer organization and i am president we are workinfg with punjab government and irrigation system is been handed over to us its a multi billion dollar a.d.b funded project full of corruption. its the biggest scam of history of punjab and a top true story all the relating documents can be provided to you.if you are interested you may contact us at our email id our office address is farmer organization 2l office canal secretariat canal colony okara phone # 9200147,2700345,03334501735
Submited By: qutab din
02 November 2013
loqman zenda bad haq ke awaz utahe ha ge sada tumhara parogera chlta rahe
Submited By: sardar imran
31 October 2013
pakistan mai sab say phalay yay nzam khtam hoona chahiy addalto ka gab tak yay aik aank wala c j seat par hai knoon anda hai mushraf nay acha kya tha ic kay saath
Submited By: Romi rocky
28 October 2013
Assalamo alaikum
sir i am government Officer and i have to show you some mobile clips about some seniors officrs who are involve in big corruption and loses government commodities from few years which amount goes to 25 lac to 50 lac or more per day.
you are requested to kindly give me your proper e.mail or number sothat i can show you the evidance or it may live telecast.
Thanking you,
Submited By: Jahanzeb raja
23 October 2013
i regularly watch ur programme. my request to u is to have a programme on the utility bills(electricity, gas and tel) of the residences of senior bureacrates including military and WAPDA. It is likely to reveal the secret of why r poor ppl paying more bills than what they actually consume. expexting a positive response.
Submited By: App rakho gy
12 October 2013
Honarable mubashir luqman sahab.... mujhy aap ki help ki bohat zarorat ha me ap ki madad sy pakistani siyasat me aik tofan la sakta hun in siyasat danoun ki neendy haram kr sakta huon plz help me ..... mera ap sy contect krna mushkil ha ic li apna cell no likh raha houn 03215310200 cantect zaror kijea ga intzar rehay ga ap ki call ka
Submited By: wasim khan durrani
24 September 2013
Submited By: wasim khan durrani
24 September 2013
Submited By: wasim khan durrani
24 September 2013
Submited By: Munawar James
12 September 2013
Respected Sir,
My name is Munawar James and related with a Christian family, before this mail I have already send to you a mail via face book at your address; but still you doesn't do contact with me at my mailing address. So please Sir, now I am waiting the fine result from your side. Please contact with me at my E-mail address.
Thank you. "God Bless you and your family"


Munawar James / Jhelum city Pakistan.
Submited By: muhmmad yar
02 September 2013
mujhy hy hukum azan. ARY on 2sep. I am watching your show right now. It is the most exclsive show of all the channels,airing their own shows right now. NO MATCH.and salute to you and ARY.
Submited By: sardar imran
10 August 2013
continue sir
Submited By: Muhammad Farrukh Naseem
30 July 2013
Dear Sir!

App karachi k awam ki itni humdard hain tou kbhi Al-Asif, Liyari tou ja hain without camera app ko real picture nazar a hai gi Karachi ki

with kind Regards,
Submited By: Aamir
25 July 2013
Million dollar question sir?
In our life time are we able to see justice or not .we want to go Pakistan but there is no law and order at all there .
Dear Cj of pak watan we want to see justice on tv . We don't wana see those media puppits who always talk bad about pak army .
Dictators we reject
Democracy we absolutely reject
Pure foundation of Islamic law we accept
Dear Cj we want justice justice and justice and we want to see justice Pakistan army zindabad who donate so many shaheeds for us to save our sisters and mothers so we can lived peacefully .
We are not gona listen anything against Pakistan army
Pakistan and Pakistan army zindabad and we loved you
Sorry we was lost for longtime but this lion of Islam he open our eyes he showed us who is baba and Iqbal r.a . We cannot believed we was lost so bad we support ZH.
Dear Cj media accoutibility is very important to save Pakistan .
Khuda hafiz
Submited By: mian muhammad asad
22 July 2013
mubashir bhai when ever u say some thing about needy people please mention ur contact no. i believe many people will contact u to help them. i watch ur program 22 july and willing to help them but i dont know how to contact u .
keep it up.
Submited By: Naeem ahmed
16 July 2013
Submited By: Abdul Basit Javed
16 July 2013
Salute to Mubashir Luqman !
One of the few patriotic-pakistani anchors !
16 July 2013
Mobisher Lucman ZINADA BAAD
Mobisher Lucman TRUE PAKISTANI
Mobisher Lucman WE LOVE U
Mobisher Lucman ALLAH HELP U
Mobisher Lucman MAY U LIVE LONG
Mobisher Lucman EXPOSE ALL " GHADDAAR"
Mobisher Lucman ZINDA BAAD
Mobisher Lucman ZINDA BAAD
Mobisher Lucman ZINDA BAAD
Mobisher Lucman ZINDA BAAD

03313112111 03443112111
Submited By: Mohammad Ayub Siddique
09 July 2013
Appeal For Donation REG:-KAR # 0039

Mr.Mubashar Luqman

Kindly send us your generous donation to help and provide shelter in the flood affected areas. We have already provided 23 houses and there are 27 houses under construction. We need more funds to complete this project as hundreds of families are still shelter-less since 2010/2011. They are looking towards you for financial assistance and facilitation. We pray and hope that you will be part of this noble cause. Please pass this massage to your friends and relative.

Note: please join (19 family members and friends with you) to provide 1 house for shelter-less family.

( Collect 100 US- Dollar Form Each Person )

( This Is individual Request )

Note:- We are Working In Bulchistan ( Pakistan ) resent earth quake damage, hundreds of family are effected they need Food & shelter. They need your financial assistance, that why we need more funds.

The cost per house is US $ 2000/=

The cost per Bag of food US $ 45/= ( For One Month Food Package )


Note:- Our Project Located in These Area

Village: Macchi Mundo, District Kashmore (20 Houses)

Village: Rayees Muhammad Hayat Ogai, District Kashmore (7 Houses)

For more information,

Contact us land line 92 21 35314950

Contact us on cell 92 333 2114479

Zip code 75500

Website :-

E mail,

With thanks and best regards.

President of ultimate relief foundation

Mohammad Ayub Memon

25-C Sunset Commercial Street # IV Phase IV. Near Habib Bank Phase IV Jami Road Branch D.H.A. Karachi . Pakistan
Submited By: love pakistan..
01 July 2013
Mubashar luqman we love u sir, you r honest n brave anchor...
Submited By: pakistani
01 July 2013
great great n one of the most brave anchor of pakistan,, love u sir, salute you,,,,
Submited By: sultan Durrani
28 June 2013
Mr. Mubashar, things must be difficult, but try your best to expose these corrupt elements who have looted this nation, including Az,Mansha, Nawaz Sharif & company. This is a great service you are doing for the nation. A great show
Submited By: sultan Durrani
28 June 2013
Mr. Mubashar, things must be difficult, but try your best to expose these corrupt elements who have looted this nation, including Az,Mansha, Nawaz Sharif & company. This is a great service you are doing for the nation.
Submited By: khair andesh
27 June 2013
Assalam o Alaikum,

Mohtram ,

Kia Aamir, Dictator, Ghasib jese khitabat mazi ki kaiee muslim hukoomaton ya tarze hukumrani se mutasadim nahi ? Agar Tareekh e Islam ka mutala kia jae to kia ye ashakr nahi hota k bohat se muslim hukumran hakim e waqt k sath sath apni army ke sipah salar bhi rahe aur shandar tareekh raqam kar gae. Pehli Islami riasat Madina, riasat e Khulafa e Rashdeen, aur deegar bad azan hukumranoon ki aksairat bayak waqt donon office hold karti thi to ab ye khilafe shariat khitabat aur muhkalfat secular parties se ziada mazhabi parties ki taraf se kiyoon. Kia article 6 khilaf e shariat ya islami tareekh se mutassadim nahi ? Ye sawalat behes (debate ) ke mutaqazi hen.


Khair Andesh Pakistani
Submited By: ahad abbasi
13 June 2013
i like your program. you are a very knowledgeable person please tell me any cars under 1200cc hybrid. another genius policy. wow
Submited By: imdad ali
13 June 2013
please send me the contact no of the people,s which came in program on 12/6/2013 and 13/6/2013
Imdad Ali
Submited By: heena yameen
13 June 2013
Submited By: kalsum lakhkar
07 June 2013
kindly answer my e mail
Submited By: kalsum lakhkar
07 June 2013
kindly continue yor efforts and take the issue of ubl retrenched employees by nawaz sharif in 1997.As 11 employees has been reinstated in jan 2013 by Raja perviz ashraf which is the discremination.
Submited By: kalsum lakhkar
07 June 2013
kindly continue yor efforts and take the issue of ubl retrenched employees by nawaz sharif in 1997.As 11 employees has been reinstated in jan 2013 by Raja perviz ashraf which is the discremination.
Submited By: Haider Ali Hunzai
03 June 2013
The best anchor I ever seen, God bless you
Submited By: RMattoo
23 May 2013
Mr. Luqman: You have talk shows on many topics, including different political and non-political figures but so far you have ignored even to mention in few words the dying of an inncent tiger - an endangered species - in the sizzling hot weather, and caged that Nawaz Sharif carried with him as his part's oting symbol. Did that poor animal - en endangered species - deserved to die in a brutal manner? Are Pakistanis so senseless and cruel, and there is no voice to the cruelty to animals? At least say few kind words for this dead tiger. Hope this tiger is in God's heaven.

Rashid Mattoo
New York, NY
Submited By: sardar imran
22 May 2013
Submited By: ilyas ahmed
21 May 2013
dear, Mubashir Bahi Assalam-0-allikum
i ilyas ahmed from karachi and about 2010 I have not job regurarly and i am so worried bahi if you help me in job it is not nassary that i am doing job in karachi but i wants job any city or regin i have Bsc degree and lot of experience i passed in 1993- 94 and if you help me in any company or any place if you give me job in news i am doing or no city problem plz consider my request i watch your program about 2009 and i note your nature therefore i send you this request my contact no is 03323325383 and my mailing address B-57 central Govt Housing society overseas this contact address is my father and law and now i am resisdence here. if you can help me that i will send you my Cv and my educational degrees. Thanks
Submited By: sardar imran
20 May 2013
sir you area brave man best anchor in pakistan who open all the truth of politacion
Submited By: Mohammad Ashraf
19 May 2013
Mubashir Bhai Asalam o Alakum
Yeh jo election ka Tamasha banayea hua ha, Baray Ahtaraam se Muje b apna muakaf bayaan karna ha , is umeed k sath k meri baat aap insaaf ka thekaydaaron tak puhanchayen ga jo musalsal 3 dahayeon se hatt darmi ka muzahira kartay he chalay ja rahay hain, muje apni baat puhanchani ha us alaaa adliyea ka cheif justice ko jo buhat sa masail par so moto la leta ha aur jahan pakistan ka mustakbil ka sawaal ha wahan neend ki dhear sari golyean la k so gyea ha kisi ki b amaarat ki bunyaad achi na ho to woh amaarat kabi b kamyaab nahi hoti hamary mulak k alaa taleem yafta danishwaroon aur aap jaisay buhat sa parhay likhay hazraat ko is musamam qanoon ka pata ha ,
pakistan ka mustakibil ka jab sawaal ata ha to election ma ki hui daandliyon ko jaan booj kar passay pusht phank dyea jata ha meri zaati muakaf yeh ha k jab daandliyoun ka saboot mil chukay hain to koi zinda dil insaan yeh kaisay kahay k ikka dukka daandliyan hui hain k baki election shafaaf huay hain. yeh ghoor rahay k yeh pakistan k mustakibil ka sawaal ha koi aam baat nahi ha, aap daaniswaroon ko sar jhor kar zinda dili ka saboot daina chahye is bunyaad par k aik machli pooray talaab ko ganda karti ha isi tarah daandli kar k aik MNA poori Assembly ko ganda karay ga muje umeed ha k aap meri yeh baat cheif justice of pakistan tak puhanchyen ga aur muje yeh umeed ha k cheif justice of pakistan hakeeki insaaf ka tukaaza pora kartay huay Re-Election karwanay ka order dain ga agar aisa na hua to aap pakistan ka tamaam kabil insaano ki zameer ki awaaz ko dabanay par muje afsoos he rahay ga.......... Shukria
Submited By: sardar imran
16 May 2013
mubashar laqman is best ancor person in pakistan who taking intruth he is a brave man i slot you mubashar laqman isee your program proprley
Submited By: Daniyal Ahmad Nasir
13 May 2013
I really admire him a lot he is such a brave and straight forward anchor
Submited By: Dr. Muhammad Fasih Ud Din
13 May 2013
Dear sir,

I need your kind attention for one of my surrounding supreme issue...... i would like to discuss you in detail. so please send me your personal cell number so that i could discuss you in detail for its remedy.
Dr. Muhammad Fasih Ud din
Submited By: Bilal Qureshi
12 May 2013
I am bilal from Rawalpindi the lover of PTI and seeing the problem in Lahore and i request to all my PTI fellows "khuda kay layea khial karoo this is not right way to delivered the message and the best way is to give the time to elected person" if they fail to create the best way of living. earning etc then go in the Assembly and complaint or complain to election commission not come on the road you know a middle man or poor or business man from where earn and i know very well about the competition in Rawalpindi and PTI won in NA 56 and also clear sweep in KPK other Political persons or lover of ANP can object on us that we use unfair way / means in KPK then what will be the result. A kind request with you kindly think with a cool mind. Why we are creating the problem in Punjab and Punjab is not the property of any tarrarist and what the people of other countries think about us "how we are emotional person never think +vely" Khuda kay lyea never rely on those person who are -vely pushing up. Kindly finish this loose way to protect. Kindly think with a cool mind. Emotional feeling is not a right way or conclusion of any problems. kindly kindly and on the other way Mr. Altaf hussain openly announced make the separate to Karachi from Pakistan. and after the thoroughly study my Leader PTI Mr. Imran Khan is not a cool mind person who want that this country is his SUSRAL this is yours country and this is not the right way.

Again request with all of you. Leave this emotional and tarrarist way

Bilal Qureshi
Lover and Strong Voter of PTI
NA 56 Rawalpindi
Submited By: A. R. Saleemi
12 May 2013
Dear, you were discussing today (May 12, 2013) reasons for defeat of PPPP and where did "Jialas" go in Punjab. To the point, you know what was done with Punjab, Knowing electric, domestic gas pressure, CNG was closed. In Faisalabad you know how many "Jialas" were displaced due to migration of Textile industries, Closure of energy sources. People and their children died/suicided. Do you think in this situation vote should have been given to PPPP. Moreover, nothing has been spent on welfare of poor people, instead all money went to MNA/MPS pockets. There are more reasons but space may be short. Best wishes.
Submited By: Shah Ji
23 April 2013
Appeal to All Pakistanis

PML-N Laptops

PML-N supporters MUST WATCH!!!
Submited By: Khalil Chaudri
13 April 2013
Kind Attention: Br. Mubashir Lucman
Aslamuelakum. I watch your programs regularly. Your programs are extremely good.
I have been waiting to see your programs exposing PPP as well, particulrly Farzana Raja's 'Benazir Income Support'. When are you going to show this?
With regards & best wishes,
Submited By: adnanshehzad vhr
17 March 2013
sir Aoa
sir my name is adnan maira taluq vehari punjab sy hy sir ka pprograme khra sach mujy bohat psand hy jarnal hospital wala visit bohat acha tha main chahta hoon aap aysa aik visit vehari k dist hospital main kary kindly sir aap ki bohat meharbani ho ge pliz sir or sir sach ka saath dainy k liay maim=n aap ki team khra sach ka hisa bnna chahta hun pliz sir mujy accept ki jeay or vehari ki awaam kie khidmat karny ka moka dy my cell no 0331.6964967 pliz sir contect me,
allah hafiz
Submited By: Khalid
16 March 2013
Please read the Nomination paper issued by Election commission of Pakistan.
pakistani people are going to be cheated again. It allowing the currupt people to come via back door. Save Pakistan.(Down with the stay orders ).
Submited By: Waqas khan
15 March 2013
ble Sir! how r u .
sir ma apka bohat bara fan ho aur
ma ap ka program us waqt sa dekh
raha ho jab ap express pa tv show
"point blank" kia karte the.
sir g ap na aj tak jo b show kiye ha
sare k sare awam k haq ma kiye ha
Allah apko aur ezzat ,sehat aur
zindagi ata farmaye .
sir g ma ptcl employe ka beta ho
ap ko aur sare media ko PTCL k
halat k bare ma pata ha sir g kindly
ek program PTCL employs aur PTCL
intazamia ka b kar len.
thanks.... 4 reading my msg
Submited By: Waqas khan
15 March 2013
Aoa . Respectable Sir! how r u .
sir ma apka bohat bara fan ho aur ma ap ka program us waqt sa dekh raha ho jab ap express pa tv show "point blank" kia karte the.
sir g ap na aj tak jo b show kiye ha sare k sare awam k haq ma kiye ha Allah apko aur ezzat ,sehat aur zindagi ata farmaye .
sir g ma ptcl employe ka beta ho ap ko aur sare media ko PTCL k halat k bare ma pata ha sir g kindly ek program PTCL employs aur PTCL intazamia ka b kar len.
thanks.... 4 reading my msg
Submited By: Anayat Ullah Zaki
02 March 2013
Submited By: Mehmood Mohammed
28 February 2013
I saw your show today. I was most disappointed to here you say at the end of your show that you will leave your profession if you did not see any change in the education. Bhai saab your duty is to highlight and inform us. You are doing an excellent job and it would be great loss to the viewers if you were to resign your post. Your investigative style of journalism is crucial in keeping the viewers informed. It is not for you to force change but to inform. Hope you heed and look forward to your continous show.
Kind Regards
Mehmood from UK
Submited By: javed bhatti
23 February 2013
Aslamellakum.main aur 20 aur mere aur sathi yahen uk main ek sport and social club ke members hain aur app ka program khara sach kafi urse se baqaidgi se dekhte hain.mashaallah app ka program baut acha hai aur app kafi himmat wale anchor haih. Pechley kafi dinno se hum sub ne notice kia ke app sirf aur sirf MLN ke pechey haath dho kar pare unnho ne app ko lafafa neih bejha.lagta to aisa hi hai.please ummare is comment ka bura na mannieh ga.
Hum 21 dosto ka tahalaq pakistan ke mukhtalif shehron aur sooboon se hai aur luqman sahib ye na samajna ke hum MLN ki hammait karte hain.hum main se 2/3 aise hain jo is party ko support karte hain.
Hum ne kafi bar app ke program main suna hai aur yeh haqeeqat bi hai ke pakistan main ziada tar zar e mubadla overseas pakistani behjete hain. App ne un pakistnion ke ley kabi kohi program neih app ko ilm hai ke yahan UK main ummare pakistan-related kitne massial hain.
Musharaf-dour main appni family ke saath pakistan main phone rabta half pence per minute. Abbi zardari tax ke saath 9 pence per minute.India phone karne ke ley ab bi half pence per minute.
Yahan hummein pakistani passport banwana ho to pore uk se london city main jana parta hai, poora din aur lambi qatarron main khara hona parta hai kayonki zardari sahib ne paise bachane ke ley doosri bari cities main vice-consulates khatam kar dey hain.Is ke ellawa pakistan-mail ka yeh haal hai ke hum jo letters aur parcels pakistan apni family ko behjte hain wo unneh neih milte.
Jab hum ya hummari families pakistan jate hain to airports par hummare saath kia salook hota hai aur pakistan main ummeh kohi pakistani passport ya id card banwana ho to hummare saath kaise nibertey hain.
Hum pakistan main kisi mujboori ke waja se uk ke ley appna flight-ticket dates pehley ya extend karane ke ley kain to PIA wale bari raqam mangte hain.Hum yeh kaise faisla kar saken ke apni aulad ko pakistan main tahleem dilwain ya in hallat main wahen kohi plot ya ghar kharedain.
Yahan uk main 95 percent pakistanies mohubewatan hain aur jo yeh sub kouch karna chahtey hain lekon corruption,law and order self safety ki waja se darte hain. In mohabbewatton ke ley ajj tak kisi pakistani overseas ministers ya pakitan goverment ne kouch neih kia aur na hi in ki mushkalat ko ujjager kia.
Akhri complain ke saath,agar humari kohi aulad yahan uk main paida hoti hai aur hum uski birth pakistan main register karwana chahen toh registration office ya union council wale kafi raqam leteh hain. Akher main luqman sahib please MLN ya punjab ke ellahwa pakistan main aur bi CM aur soobeh mjood hain un ke bare main bi thori mahloomat aur un ki karkardgi keh bare main bi.
Luqman sahib pakistan media main baut se anchors hain lekon ymmeh app se ummeed hai ke inshahallah app ummari uk main rehne wale pakistanioh ki mushkalat ko ujjager karain gey.
Ummeed kartey hain ke Luqman sahib app ummari kisi baat se narraz neih ka shukria aur hum sub friends ki taraf se allah hafiz. App ke program ka intizar raih ga.
Javed bhatti and friends uk
Submited By: tariq
18 February 2013
brother i luve ur work. i need ur help if u can plz cantact me
Submited By: mush ki najaiz aulad inqilab
15 February 2013
shame on ary news for allowing this bas...turd to host a program everyone knows dat hez malik riaz's
Submited By: mush ki najaiz aulad inqilab
15 February 2013
khara lu..nd mubashir luqman ki maa ki chut main
Submited By: farhan
14 February 2013
salam .
ap sab sa guzarish ha ka mubashar luqman na shoukat basra sa pasey liyae hea PMLN ko bezat karney ka liyae is liya ho ghatiya alfaz istimal kar raha hea *** kuta bagerat mubashar luqman saley pasooe ba biq jata hea . shame on uuuuuu
Submited By: shahab khattak
09 February 2013
need your attention and help, i can not write much here,but would like to share some thing of common interest,so can you kindly pass on your email address where i could reach you and explain in detail.
an early response shall be highly appreciated.
Best regards.
Submited By: abbas hussain ashiq
03 February 2013
love you man you one of nice anchor on pakistan TV.
keep it up honest work.
ALLAH aap ko apny hefzo aman me rakhy AAMEEN
Submited By: abbas hussain ashiq
03 February 2013
love you man you one of nice anchor on pakistan TV.
keep it up honest work.
ALLAH aap ko apny hefzo aman me rakhy AAMEEN
Submited By: Syed Shakir Mashwani
24 January 2013
Respectable Sir! Mr Mubashir Lucman honestly speaking you are rising on the horizon. specially on SOOD topic you have dared to speak out the deliberately hided truth and religious obligation and most disliked sin by Allah & Rasool (saww) but more emphasis, examples and strong references must be put in this topic then it will be understandable and will become possible for people to act upon and make peaceful protest against this plague by which whole humanity is cursed and we don't know whats the reason of our miseries, if i would be given space to see you in person or talk to you then will be able to share some of the great facts of our age and realities and would like to share some rare data (Documentaries) ever seen, but i didn't find your cell number but if you consider you can call me or email me, my cell number is 0334-5655191,thanks waiting for your input, happy MILAD UN NABI (saww)
Submited By: dani
23 January 2013
jaali rating k bhooke lucman TUCHAR PUCHAR
Submited By: shehzad malik
22 January 2013
mubashar luqman saab aap ka program awam ki awaz hai ,jo aap swalat kartay hain woh awam kay sawalat hain .allah paak aap ko aur izat aur traqqi dain.ameen
Submited By: Maj (Retd).Saeed.Z.Janjuah
18 January 2013
Submited By: Maj (Retd).Saeed.Z.Janjuah
18 January 2013
Dear M. Lucman,
I have always been impressed by your anchoring on Tv. please send me ur personal e mail address/ cell no. asp. or if anyone can forward it I shall be obliged. Thanks
Submited By: khbardar
13 January 2013
Dear sir,
Mubashir Lucman
we all are appreciating to you and to your team on causting your programs against aijaz jakhrani's and his cruel family.
sir humne aap ka program dekha aur dekh kar yeh ahsas hua k hindu's are not minoritie,hindu's are a part of pakistan, sir bahut hi afsos ke sath yeh kahena pad raha hai k jab aap ka yeh program live aa raha tha to jacobbad ke ba-asar shaksiyat ne jacobabad ki light aur jacobabad ka local cable system poori tarah se band karwa diya tha yeh kahe k cable system ek jagah se doosri jagah shift ho raha hai, iis wajah se jacobabad ki aawam ke samne yeh interview manzar-e-aam pe nain aa saka, it's my humble request to your managment kindly repeat this program because people can watch this program,jab maine yeh mail karne ki sochi to mera dil ek dam se gabra utha k shayad yeh log mere sath ya phir mere ghar walon ke sath kuch galat na kar bethen,phir aakhir kar maine apne aap main himat jutai aur doosri E-mail id bana kar aap ko mail karne ki than liiiiii....
Submited By: Agha Badaruddin Ghunio
11 January 2013
Respected Mubashir Luqmaan Sb:, Really you are a brave Pakistani, serving your country as it needs. I like your work. You proved yourself as a devoted citezen of Pakistan.
Submited By: nooralam
23 November 2012
karachi support Governments party operation army karachi
politicale party support anti MQM Operation ve are very happy party name
LAST 1992 JUNE 19 KARACHI PML-N Governments party
1993 TO1996 NOV FROM 1997 TO 1999 NAWAZ Governments
pml-n anp kumparast party pml-n relation only muhajir people killing in karachi not love of karachi people with no love all party only for anti mqm and anti muhajir people in karachi united capture thinks only muhajir people killing karachi party anp pml-n and others party
noor alam
Submited By: razarahman
24 October 2012
Mubashir daheer shana nan ban dunya news akhre chanal nahe yahan say bhee kikout hoo saktay hoo.
Submited By: abdul sattar
17 October 2012
zalim alla shahbaz sharif ne apne zatti ana ke waja se venus housing schem ke 80 shops ko lda se 1 years se seel kraya huwa h.
ham log pechly 1years se boht zalil ho rahy h.
hamari koi ni sun rha.
or DG Lda Ne Hamy dhaky de kr bahir nekal dya tha.or kha ke next time ni edhr ni ana
plz help me

venus housing schem 17 km feroz pur road lahore
Submited By: ARSALAN
11 October 2012
فیصل رزا عابدی نے کل شام اہم پریس کانفرنس کا اعلان کرتے ہی اسلام آباد ہائی کورٹ نے آڈر نکال دیا کے کوی بھی ٹیوی چینل عدلیہ کے خلف مواد نشر نہیں کر سکتا۔۔

Shame on Independent Judiciary
Shame on So-Called Free Media Anchors
Submited By: rana umair
25 September 2012
mubshar sb hafiz saeed sb ko hr week bulaya karain mera jamatud dawah se koi tualik ni but mjy hafiz sb ki batain ache lagti ha
Submited By: Yasmine Shah
27 August 2012
Hi Mr,Mubashir Luqman u r the best Anchor.Pakistani shoud proud they got u.U r doing exlnt.I m never missing u rs show.Y Shah UK.
Submited By: Yasmine Shah
27 August 2012
Hi Mr,Mubashir Luqman u r the best Anchor.Pakistani shoud proud they got u.U r doing exlnt.I m never missing u rs show.Y Shah UK.
Submited By: Azhar Hussain
21 August 2012
tum kitnae baegarat aur zamir frosh ho MQM k kutae.Tum main agar zra braber b sharam hoti to tum kabi kisi TV per na aatae. Malik Riaz k interview k baad tum kis tra khara such bol saktae ho,tum to khud boht bra jhot ho.ARY TV ko b sharam ani chahia jinhon na tum jaisae kamina aur lanti ko rakh lia hae.ARY sham for you.
Submited By: Azhar Hussain
21 August 2012
agar tmharey andar zra b sharam hae to next time kbi TV pe mat ana. aqalmand ho to samajh jao gey k aesa q kaha hae. Its enough.
Submited By: A H Raza
11 August 2012
Iman frosh nehayat hi ghtya hram khor maa bap ki Olad.Lanat 10000000 bar Lanat.
Submited By: arif
18 July 2012
Mubbashir luqman burma kay muslims per b nazar sani kar lay

Submited By: SR
07 July 2012
We are missing you alot. We love you Luqmqn
Submited By: Aamir
07 July 2012
A real face of our nation! gundd behind the curtain.
Submited By: Rizwan
20 June 2012
Mr Mubashar...Shahbaz shareef kay sasti roti par to tum nay bohat kuch kaha...arbon rupia tandooron men jhonk diya....magar Salman taseer(Jahanamy) nay nay sasti roti programe ko nakam bananey kay liye jo arbon rupay barbaad kiye us ka bhi to zikar karen.....
sasti roti hum ghareebon ka sahara thi...tum jaisay zameer faroshon..lifafay lenay walon kay liye nahi....
Submited By: Javed
20 June 2012
Mubashar Luqman say ziada jhoota aur bakwasi TV anchor shaed hi koi aur ho.......
Bhata khoron,Target killers aur Pakistan ki sab say badbakht party MQM jo kay ek terrorist organization hay us ki tareef karna....isi ka to MQM say usay paisa miltahay.....
Mubashar luqman ek shetani dimagh rakhney wala insaan hay..........
Submited By: Ammar Khan Afridi
19 June 2012
Mubbashir Luqman u break my heart becoz i liked u very much but after ur recent issue now i hate u....
Submited By: khizar
16 June 2012
real face has come up after malik riaz,s episode
Submited By: khizar
16 June 2012
Kon Kis ka etbar karey. two faces of these people before he was liked by many. now he has proved that he is shameless creature. He should leave the profession in the light of his own sermons.
Submited By: khalid
16 June 2012
yar tera namm leete huwe bii sharm ati he
Submited By: Hameed Sheikh
16 June 2012
I never thought before Malik Riaz Video that this man (Mubashar lUqman)shall be so corrupt and cheap that he will be bought for bringing down Chief who is the sole obstruction aginst corruption and all such elements i.e Zardari,Gilani,Malik Riaz etc.I hate him from core of my heart.May all give him answer to this(Amen)
Submited By: Amjad Rao
16 June 2012
hahahaha chalo bhaghoo maray dil se.........
Submited By: maja
16 June 2012
Mubashar Luqman *** you
Submited By: Rai Sahib
16 June 2012
Those who say that This Dirty Garbage is a good person : watch this :
Submited By: Rai Sahib
16 June 2012
I think now people should realize how Great this Bakooo Maal is ? Mr. Mubahsir you conducted 90 % program on Punjab (I am not a fan of Mian brothers they are robbers and corrupt) but why such a blind minded person could not see what is happening in Balochistan or in Sindh. Simply Bakooo Maal.
Submited By: TARIQ IQBAL
15 June 2012
Submited By: TARIQ IQBAL
15 June 2012
assalam o ailekum...
president farooq laghari kay dor mai buhat baray colomnist "atta ul haq qazmi" jo k nawa e waqt mai "ROZEN e DIWAAR" se column likha karte thy ALlAH unki umar lambi kare unka 1 column aya tha "Ye aangrezo k kuttay nihalane walay" us colmn mai jagair dar or gadi nasheen sisasat daano k mutaliq likha tha q k wo dor electronic media ka nai tha aap kay program ka naam hr khari baat hai or humare mulk ko kuttay nehalnay walay siasat daan or gadi nasheeno ne mulk ko khokhla kar kar dia hai or idaron ko khokhla kar dia hai or mulk ko diwaliya kar dia hai....
baray meharbani aata ul qazmi sahib ka 1 interview "in aangrezon k kuttay nehlane walay or gadi nasheeno" walay article ko apne program mai discuss karein taa k awaam ko khari baat k through inka pata chale.
hum apke program khaari baat Mubashir luqaman k zariye aata ullah ki khari baatein suuma chahtein hain....
Submited By: Raja Aamir Mehmood
15 June 2012
Feel shame mubashar malik riaz itna taqatwar ha k ap b bik gay main agr koi program news channal pe dekhta houn to who apka tha magr mjy aj lag raha ha k maine sara waqaat zaya kr diya apki jhoti bakwas sun k,ap ne jitne logoun ki apne programm main salwar utari ha apko You>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> mery pass alfaz nai tum, ne ju propaganda CJ k khilaf kiy be zameer insan
Submited By: Abdul khaliq
15 June 2012
What has been on Ref . Geo tv (utube ref. ) in interview with Corupet Land mafia cheif Malik Riaz , On Dunya Tv , . No comments are better comments about these tow < Mrs, Mehr Bukhari , & Mr. Mubasher Luqman . Malik Riaz is better than these Two .
Submited By: Pakistani
14 June 2012
mubashir sahab aik aik rupiya hum sey ley letey 17 caror hojata, tum nay kitnay mey becha Pakistan ko?

Kaba kis mon sey jao gey mubashir?
sharam tum ko magar nahi aati,
17 caror lanat tum par aur tum jeso par.
porey Pakistan ki taraf say.
Submited By: Alvi
14 June 2012
Shame on Mubashir, and Duniya TV...
Submited By: malik munir
14 June 2012
luqmam app ne too intahae ghatya kisam ki harkat ki ha ...sharam ani chahea 18coror logon ko *** banaty hoa....shame...plot k lea izat to bech di ....ab tmhare shakal zehar lag rahe ha
Submited By: A.Raja
14 June 2012
Malik Riaz ek chor hai harram se doulat mand ban skate hain hallal se jee skate hain jaise aap.Agar hamre mulk ka nizam achcha hota ayse Logan ko third dgree se Sara such nikalte
Submited By: D awan
14 June 2012
جناب ایماندار ججز فخرالید ین جی ابراہیم ،،،، ناصر اسلم زاید اور جنہون نین آیین غداری ایل ایف او کا حلف نیین اٹھایا ۔۔۔ اور تمام ایماندار دوستون کے لیے
واہ جی واہ زیادہ وکلا اور ججز نیں تو خوبصورت فیصلہ دے دیہا
۱۔۔۔.اب تمام سرکاری ملازم بچوں کو کھلی اجازت دہ دیں اور خود ایمانداری سے نوکری کریں
خدا کا واسطہ یے اپنی برادری کو نان بچاو ایمان کو اور اللہ کے عزاب کو دیھکو
اصل حقیقت قانونی یہ یے----
۲..سرکاری ملازم جس نے ذرا سی تسکین حاصل کی ( شکریہ بی کبول کیا ) ڈائریکٹ یا ان ڈائریکٹ اس شخس سے جس کا معاملہ اس کے پاس یے تو کرپشن سابت ہو گیی
161 تعزیرات پاکستان
3--161 تعزیرات پاکستان تو لگے گی .سرکاری ملازم( چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب) کے خلاف بہصیحت لنک اس شخص کے ساتھ جو ان ڈاریکٹ( ارسلان ) ملوس ہے اس شخس (ریاض ملک) سے جس کا معاملہ سرکاری ملازم( چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب)کے کے پاس یے-
۴--162 --163 تعزیرات پاکستان لگے گی اس شخص کے. خلاف جسکا لنک سرکاری ملازم کے ساتھ یے- اور اس شخس (ریاض ملک) سے جس کا معاملہ سرکاری ملازم( چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب)کے کے پاس یے
۵-- ۱۰۹ بھی لگے گی ،،،، چیتنگ اور فراڈ کی سیکشنز بھی لگین گی
۶ .. 161 PPC کو سا بت کرنین کے لیے مندرجہ زیل سبوت کافی یین اور اگر چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کے خلاف 161 PPC سا بت ہو ریی ہے تو ارسلان صاحب کے خلاف الزم اسانی سے سا بت ہو جا ہین گے ( مندرجہ زیل سبوت 161 PPC کے لیے ارسلان کو سپورٹ کے زرہیے چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کا لنک ،،اور ملک ریاض کے خلاف بلیک میلنگ اور دھمکی کو سا بت کرتا ہے)
۱........جس طرح کرکٹ کیس مین بکیز نین پیلے یہ سابت کرایا کہ عامر ،، اصف،،سلمان ان کے پینل پر یین ۔ اور انہون نیے ،، نو بال کرا کے،، کیچ چھو ڑ کر یہ سابت کیا ۔۔۔۔۔ بلکل اسی طرح چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب نے یہ سابت کیا۔۔ عید کے موقہ پر اپنے بیٹے کے ساتھ جا کر او شخس کے پاس جو ملک ریاض کا پارٹنر یے
،ب۔۔۔۔۔میڈیا مین آنے کے بعد بیٹے کے خلاف ایکشن
،پ۔۔۔ 6 ماہ پیلے اعتزاز صاحب نے بتایا اور کوی ایکشن نین لیا
،ت۔۔۔ پاکستان مین جس سے رشوت لو اس کو ریلکس نین دیا جاتا تا کی بعد مین سبوت کے طور پر دیکھا سکین کہ کو ی ریلکس نین دیا گیا۔ پر پھر بھی پاکستان مین دیوانی مقدمون کے فیصلے ۱۰۰ سال تک نین ہوتے تو ریاض ملک کے خلاف فیصلے ہفتون مین ہونان یہ سا بت کرتا ہے کہ یہ بلیک میلنگ اور دھمکی کے لیے یے۔۔
،ٹ ...اب بھی سب کچھ ہونے کے بعد ملک ریاض کا ریکارڈ منگوانا اور ارسلان کے خلاف نان منگوانا یہ دھمکی نین تو کیا ہے۔
،ژ ،،،،۔۔تمام وکلا برادری اور ایمان والے یہ بتایین کہ ملک ریاض کے ان الزامات کے بعد چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کوی بھی مقدمہ ملک ریاض یا اس کی فیملی کے خلاف سن سکتے یین ۔۔۔ لیکن جس دن ملک ریاض عدالت مین پیش ہوا اس دن چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب نے ملک ریاض کے خلاف مقدمہ سنا تو یہ ارسلان کے ساتھ دینان اور ملک ریاض کو دھمکانان نیین یے۔
،ج...فیملی سمیت لندن کی سیر ہوتی یے
،چ-- یہ کیس کسی بھی صورت مین ججز نین سن سکتے کیون کی سب ججز کی سیاسی مومنٹ کی وجہ سے وہ باحص یین اس لیے نیب یا ایف ای اے سے کرای جاے پھر بی یہ ججز سن رہین ہین
،ح۔۔۔۔۔۔ پہلے ہی دن کورٹ مین دھمکی دے کر ڈرانان کہ میرے بس مین ہوتا تہو دونون یعنی ریاض ملک کو جیل بھج دون ریاض ملک کو دھمکی نین یے
،خ۔ 161/109PPC کو چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کے خلاف خلاف اگر سابت ہوتا یے تو کیا یہ آیین سے غداری نہن یے...................................................................................۔اپ اللہ تعالی کے لیے حال دیکھین اور سا تھ ماضی دیکھ لین جو اس وقت حال تھا
۱...جب بی امریکا کے خلاف اور اب ۳ ماھ سے ناٹو کے خلاف ایکشن لیا یے عدالت کے زور گورنمنت کے خلاف زیادہ ہو گیا تو قصور سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے .
.۲۔۔ پہلے ہی دن کورٹ مین دھمکی دے کر ڈرانان کہ میرے بس مین ہوتا تہو دونون یعنی ریاض ملک کو جیل بھج دون سی جے صاحب کی اس دھمکی کے پیچھے بی قصور سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۳ ۔۔۔۔۔۔ میمو گیٹ مین کچھ بی نیین لیکن اب ارسلان کو بچانے کے لیے گورنمنٹ کے خلاف ہو گا یہ قصور سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۴ -- ایک پا رٹی کے خلاف جب کیس عمران اور اصغر خان نین کیس کھلوایا تو چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کے خلاف بھی مقدمین کھل گیے اور اسکے بعد ایک جلسے مین شہباز شریف صاحب نیے ایک جلسے مین دل کھول کر ملک ریا ض صاحب کی خوب تعریف کی،، یہ قصور سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
انصاف کی بات منہ سے نکالو
۵ ۔۔۔ 32سال کادودھ پیتا بچا ارسلان اگر۳ کروڈ ملک ریاض سے لے لیتا یے تو وہ بچا یے قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۲ فیملی سمیت لندن کی سیر ہوتی یے اگر وہ تو سارے بچےیین قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۷۔۔ ریاض صاحب اگر ایک سال سے اپنے مقدمات کی وجہ سے بلیک میل ہو رہے ہہن اور ان سے بجے ارسلان نین کروڑون روپے لے لیے ہہن اگر وہ تو بچا یے قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۸۔ چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کہتے ہہن کہ وہ غریب ہہن ،جب ان کی فیملی کو دودھ پیتا بچا ارسلان باہر لیکر جاتا یے اور وہ پو چھتے نہہن ہین اگر تو قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۵۔۔ کل دنیا کو پتہ ہے کہ ملک ریاض کے بہت سے مقدمات سپرہم کورٹ مین چل رہے ہہن اور اگر ۳۲ سال کادودھ پیتا بچا ارسلان ۳ کروڈ ملک ریاض سے لے لیتا یے فیملی سمیت لندن کی سیر ہوتی یےایک سال سے ملک ریاض کےداماد کے ساتھ گوم رہین ہین اور اگر چچیف جسڑس افتہخار صاحب کو پتا نہین چلتا تو قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۶۔۔ چیف جسڑس افتہخار صاحب جب پیلی دفہ بحال ہوے اور ۷۰ فی صد الزمات ان کے خلاف ، مشرف صاحب نے واپس لیے اور وہ بھری ہوے اور اس کے بد لے مین چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب نے آہین کے خلاف سب کی مخالفت کے باوجود وردی مہن الیکشن لڑنہن کی اجازت دی تا کی مزید ۵ سال حکموت کرے تو یہ قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا
۷۔۔مشرف کی دوستی مہن چیف جسڑس افتہخار صاحب نے آہین کے خلاف غداری کرتے ہوے اہل اہف ہو حلف لیا کہون کے ارسلان کے ما میلے کی طرح وہ نا سمجھ تھے تو یہ قصور بھی سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۸۔۔چیف جٹس ا فتہخارصاحب نے ایک پارٹی کے حق مینن فیصلے دیے اور اب میران کیس بھی ان کے حق مین ہونا یے ہہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۹۔۔اب ارسلان بھر ی ہو جاہین گے ہہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا ہو گا
۱۰۔۔ایک وفاقی وزیر الزام مین ایک سال سے اندر ہے اس کی ضما نت نین ہو رہی ہےاس نا انصافی کا قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۱۱۔۔ اگر کسی نین بھی و ڈیو اور سب کچھ ریکارڈ کیا اس نین عوام کے سامنین لایا اس نین سب کچھ حق بتا کر غلط کیا تو یہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے

۱۲۔۔عتیقہ اوڈو کے خلار سو موٹو ہتا ہے ٹھیک یے لیکن اب تک یمنڈ ڈیوس کے خلاف نین ہتا یےیہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۱۳۔۔جنگ اخبارکراچی ۱۰ فر وری صفحہ نمبر ۱۰ کالم نمبر ۴۴ کے مطابق ۔چیف جٹس ا فتہخارصاحب نے ایک کیس کے دوران ریمارکس پاس کیے کا ریمنڈ ڈیوس کیس ایک سیاسی معملہ یے ان کا یہ کینا بھی قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
.۱۴۔۔ .چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب نے چیف جسڑس افتہخار صاحب نے آہین کے خلاف غداری کرتے ہوے مشرف صاحب کو ۳ سال کے لیے ایک شخس کو ایین مین ترمیمم کرنین کی اجازت دی ہہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے.....
۱۵۔۔اب ۳۲ سال عمر مین کوی جرم کرے تو کوی جرم نین
۱۶۔۔آیین کا حلف اٹھا کر چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب نے چیف جسڑس افتہخار صاحب نے آہین کے خلاف غداری کرتے ہوے مشرف صاحب کو ۳ سال کے لیے ایک شخس کو ایین مین ترمیمم کرنین کی اجازت دی ہہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۱۷۔۔۔۔۔۔ ملک ریاض کا وکیل بہت اچھا یےمگر وہ بھی وکلا برادری ساتھ دے گا
انصاف کی بات منہ سے نکالو...تا کہ اپ کےاور اپ کےخاندان کے ساتھ انصاف ہو
Submited By: shahid hussain
26 May 2012
ap hameesha PML (N) k khalaf he kio bolty hain aur Q walo ki side laity hain,ap musharaf dor may kis dept k wazir thay aur kio........???????
Submited By: saqib naheed
11 May 2012
asalam u aliakum
i am a student of bachelors in information tech in york st john university UK.
i just wanted to say PM Pakistan is on a trip to UK with his huge delegation and we are facing the worst time here in UK. he is spending staggering amount just for his own pleasure. why is he wasting so much money........... he must pay our tution fee so that we can focus just on our studies.
Submited By: irfan zaman khan
04 May 2012
sir save pakistan plz
Submited By: Masood Rana
04 May 2012
Dear Loqman Bhai,
Mey chahta hu k aap Pakistan k in gharib awamon ko jo peise chor daku aur lutere Politiciano ne jo swiss bank mey jama kiey hue hein in peiso ko jo 200 Billion $ hein inko wapas lane k lye khodara koi ekdamat karein chahe uske lye koi Sanjoy datt hi q na banana pare please kuch bhi karke in peiso ko watan e aziz mey wapas lane ki planing nahi balke qsam khaie ke gharibon ke peise wapas lakar hi dam lenge cha he kuch bhi ho jaey.
Submited By: Masood Rana
04 May 2012
Dear Mubashir Bhai,
mey serf itna kehna chahta hu k jo 200 Billion $ Pakistan k Swiss Bank me rakhkha hua hein un peiso ko mulk me wapas laney k lye aplog koi intezam nahi kar sakte ? kitne dukh k bat hein k yahan par awam kis shdid pereshani me zindegi guzarne par majbur hein aur unke khun pasina k kamai corrupt siasatdano ne swiss Bank me band karke rakhkhe hein kia Pakistan me koi bhi aisa shaks/edara/Party maujood nahi jo bollywood ki film Knockout ki tarha ye raqam jin gharib awam ka hein unhe wapas dila sake? kia is bare me aplog jitne bhi TV chennel wale media wale anchors hein kuch bhi nahi kar sakte? agar nahi kar sakte to kia faida in baton se jo din raat media wale jo kuch karte hein,us se gharib awam ko kia faida hota hein?mulk to tabahi ki taraf ja hi rahi he....................
Submited By: saim
26 April 2012
i love your programe Mubashir bahi. today was big day for pakistani peoples. well done SC of pakistan. come out and save pak.
Submited By: laiq
24 April 2012
not a good anchor.iss ko to tameez hi nahin he kisi se baat kerne ki.
Submited By: khawaja zaigham
17 April 2012
islam wa pakistan zinda bad
Submited By: AFSAR ALI
12 April 2012
Submited By: AFSAR ALI
12 April 2012
Submited By: S.yaqoob .Ali Shah
11 April 2012
kia ummda hukmrani hai Na bijli hai na pani hai grani hi grani hai hum shayed chand pe rehtey hain ye dunya wale kehty hain zinda hai phir bhi zinda hai yeh munda pakistani hai
NATO Supply/ kiss ki shamat aai Jald Election ka mutalba sirf aik DRAMA hai Noon ka Petrol aur doosre issues se tawajah hatane ke liey ppp & Noon mile huy hain SYED YAQOOB ALI SHAH President Ulma Council APML Kar.Div. Pehle Shaikh Saab Khul kar bataya karte the ab pata nhin kyon khmosh hain PARLIAMENT EK SHELTER HAI DONON BADI JAMATON KA. AND BUS
I salute PAKISTANI SOLDIERS for their Braveness
Submited By: Ahmad Shabir
09 April 2012
Dear Lukman Sb,
I need to share story of corruption with you but don't want to disclose my identity.
Please call me on 0300-3774141.
Best regards,
Ahmad Shabir
Submited By: razarahman
06 April 2012
ch ch ch Lukman je ab haalat yahan tak hogaee gaye ka show ke khanapure sk,Rasheed say honay lage hay .
Submited By: Rajab Ali Yousafzai
29 March 2012
Mr. Luqman
The programme "Kharibat" highlite true picture of our socity including all
Keep it up
Submited By: saroj
16 March 2012
I saw 19 jan episode of khari baat. I was shocked to see the misbehaviour of Mubhashir lucman toward all participants particulaly the lady. He was very brutal when asked the simple lady to sing National Anthem. He seems to be a frustrated man. should be sued in the court of law. Dunya channel may see his script and advise him to be decent.
Submited By: Allao u Din Kang
16 March 2012
Assalam-o-ALAIYKUM ! I was your fan when you were host on Express News. But I personally feel that you are biased anchor person. You invite the opponents of Punjab govt without the preesence of PML ( N) representatives. You follow Ch. Shujaat Hussain as you admitted in a program on TV while facing the students.What kind of justice is this. ?
I kknow that there are some lacks in punjab Govt but it is not fair to always criticise them. pLEASE LOOK INTO THE MATTER . pEOPLE MAY ADMIRE YOU IF THEY ARE LIKE MINDED. bUT YOU MUST BE CAREFUL WHILE COMMENTING ON POLITICAL LEADERS. yOU PREEFER PTI chairman, the person who is politically immature. You can't see the corruption cases of Sindh govt.
Please remember that you can't " hire" Angels for the corrupted society. Mian Shahbaz Sharif is hard working PM.
Submited By: Farhat Abbas Saleem
27 February 2012
Mubashir Sahb aoa
Aap Bahawalpur tashreef laay aap nay bahut acha program sajay magar hamaray siyasi gurgon nay ussay tamasha bana dia Soba Bahawalpur kay baray main kabhi humeen bhi mouka dain aap ko bahut material provide kareen gay
Farhat Abbas Saleem
Submited By: shafaqat hussain
20 February 2012
I like very much your show and I hope that you make a show about the coruption of judicery because justs is basic of progress of a country best of luck my hope and prayer with you
Submited By: muhamma nawaz
03 February 2012
AOA mubasher bhai mian apko sirf ye phochna chata hon k hmary mulk mian jb ghreeb admi jhot bolta ha tu uski waat lga di jati ha but jb koi wazir jhot bolta ha tu usko kahbro ki zeenat bnaya jata ha kyo r wohi wazir baad mn a k kah daita ha its mistake mian london mian rhta hon yahan ajj yahan k twanai k wazir is bina par mustafi ho gaye hain k unka jhot sabit ho giya usny koi jhot bola tha r aik hmary rhman malik sb hain jinhoon ny kbi such bolna guwara he nai smjah r mubashr bhia mian apky tawast sy ye baat apni awam ko kahana chahta hon k khudara jag jao in jahlon ko mat spot kro ye sb mulk k gdaar hain vote soch smjh k use krain na k chudray base py r mubasher bhia is hkumat ny kiya kiya ha ajj tk koi aik kaam ginwa dain jo inhon ny kiya ho apni awam k liye siwaye maal harap krny k inko koi kaam nai hmari awam kyo nai jagti r plaese mubasher bhia ap inky kahlaf awaz uthain appeal krain supream court mian hm apky sath hain is hkumat ny siwaye bdiyanti k kuch nahe kiya mulk k liye khudara in sy apny mulk ko bachaeye miany apna e mial adress b kiya ha mujhy is mial ka jawab zror chaye k daikhin yahn london mian jhot bolny per wazir risgien dy daity hain r hmary wazir ko tarukki milti ha r han jo 18 termim inhon ny pass krwaye ha uska awam ko kiya faida ha termim wo hoti ha jis mian kuch awaz ki bhlai ho ya mulk ki na k politecen ki
Submited By: zulfiqar ahmad
31 January 2012
i have an Contract employee in Technical Education And Vocational Training Authority(TEVTA)
all employees of Govt.of the punjab Execpet our department are regular by the annaousement of the chief minister punjab on 14-10-2009 pleae invite attention toward to the Prime Minister of pakistan for regularization of TEVTA emoployees.

i will be great full to you
Submited By: Abid Awan
27 January 2012
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Dear, brother mubashar I always watch ur show on dunya tv.
You are honest and you talk with honesty. I can tell by the look. AlhamdullAllah. I'm the same way, I left Pakistan in 1974. Soon after finishing my study from, Government Polytechnic institute Rawalpindi.
I'm residing in Canada, Mashallah it is a home. But I also love Pakistan. I travel on Green Passport, I love Pakistan as well. When I was little I use to listen to this song!
میرے وطن تیری جنت میں آئینگے اک دن
I just don't know when will be that day. When there will be no Corrupt Leaders in Pakistan.  Recent History most Most Corruption. 
I think the Supreme Court will do nothing. Mr. Zardari will remain president for the next many years like ( mr. Mubarak ) there will be election but look like, it's Going to be a dummy government again. Which will be a power less. 
What I can see is most people the are corrupt. Very few they are honest. Our education system is not that good as it was use to be.the school system stop producing good citizen's of the nation.
Sorry I took ur time I got lot's to say. But I pray for Pakistan always. 
You  continue with ur show (khari Baat) I like it very much, you conduct your show more Professionally then others. 
I like Mr. Hasan Nasir. He was one of the best guest ever. 
For energy I do have better suggestions but I don't know who to talk to. 
Any way Allah bless you and with best wishes to dunya news team. 
جزاكالله خيراً.
Abid Awan
Submited By: Dr faysal ahmed
13 January 2012
Aoa, how are you doing?
I am one of your fans....... i really like your programs .
I also want to know your email address where i can make a special request to you...... its a scenario from which i am going through ( a social dilema of our society) i will be grateful if you will help me.
waiting for your response,
Dr Faysal
Submited By: ali asghar
12 January 2012
asslamoalikum luqman bahi mai ali asghar GREECE se app ko mail kar raha hon mene app se aik baat sher karni hai par mail me nai agr ho sake tu app muje app cell number send kar dey ya app muje is number par call kare 0030 6993782804 mai app k jawab ka w8 karon ga wase bahi luqman app baat buhat khari karte hai i like u ALLAH HAFIZ
Submited By: coki
03 January 2012
Submited By: Rai Amir
02 January 2012
I watched your many programs & read the comments below very carefully. My comments are that Mr. Luqman is very biased Person. I 'm not in favor of ML-N or Q or PPP or PTI, however if you watch Mr Luqman s programs , more than 60 % of his programs are against PML -N.He may claim that Punjab is of 60 % total population or .... but in fact If Mr. Mubashir can visit rural Sindh or Balochistan or NWFP, his eyes would open and analysis would be rational. Sitting on comfortable chair in an ideal atmosphere,being a companion of Bastard of this country (MR. Mushraff), I totally hate such Mafia people.
Submited By: Javed Qureshi
30 December 2011
Dear Mr. Mubashar Luqman,
Please publish or telecast the name and constituency of those who never spoke or participate in discussions in National***embly, It will help for those innocents who elect their representative for their rights and problems, So please aware the people of Pakistan how these so called KHADMEEN enjoy their lives on our votes.
Thanks n Regards
Submited By: Jagoo Pakistan
25 December 2011
اک خان عمران ہے جو

نسلِ مروان ہے جو

حامیِ طالبان ہے جو

یعنی شیطان ہے جو

ایسے لنگور کو

قوم کے ناسور کو

دجال کے فتور کو

میں نہیں جانتا

میں نہیں مانتا

مارنے والوں پہ جو مرے

اتحاد قاتلوں سے کرے

حمید گل کے اشاروں پہ چلے

جماعتیوں کی پوجا کرے

لدھیانوی کے ہمراز کو

بے ھنگم آواز کو

ملک اسحاق کے کاز کو

لشکرِ جھنگوی کے ناز کو

میں نہیں جانتا

میں نہیں مانتا

ان دیکھی کرپشن کے قصے سنائے

انصاف کے جو فائدے بتائے

مگر اپنے سامنے موجود

قاتل جسے کبھی نظر نہ آئے

اُس منافقت کے پیروکار کو

یزیدیت کے حاشیہ بردار کو

فسطائیت کے شکار کو

جہالت کے اظہار کو

میں نہیں جانتا

میں نہیں مانتا

کینسر کے نام پہ چندہ اگلوائے

پھر جو خود ہی کینسر بن جائے

پہلے اپنی اولاد لے کے آئے

پھر شریعت کے خواب دکھائے

اس دوغلے اصول کو

ٹیسٹ ٹیوب کی بھول کو

چخ چخِ فضول کو

ہر روز کے اپریل فول کو

میں نہیں جانتا

میں نہیں مانتا
Submited By: Muzammil Hussain
20 December 2011
Mubashar you have set an example, how an anchor should present. I am sure you realize an ordinary pakistani needs some hope, so as you already do, please show more good things about future. Please show all the good people and their work from all the parties.
Submited By: zulqurnain
10 December 2011
sir salam ...punjab gov is giving laptops to students but there is big mis managemnt and favouritsm in it ....all students of allama iqbal medical clg having 60% above marks are getting free laptops while here students of nishter medical clg are getting as a whole only 30 laptops and only first yr is getting it....while uhs topers are from our clg ...even a toper 787 is here in our clg in my class ... who made a record but we are not consider eligble for this scholarship...hope u will taise voice against it in ur prog....thankyou .
Submited By: Truepaklover
04 December 2011
Imran Khan the best
Submited By: Truepaklover
04 December 2011
Mr Mubbashir Luqman, no doubt a very good anchor but i dont think he is a good person, because he defends MQM which is an anti-Pakistan, terrorist organization recently exposed by Zulfiqar Mirza.......
Submited By: Muhammad Farooq Chinioti
22 November 2011
Main aap ki wasatat say Imran sb say ye sawal poochna chahta hoon k KIA AAP KAY MANSHOOR MAIN JAGIRDARI NIZAM KA KHATMA BHI SHAMIL HAI YA AAP BHI ISAY PROTECTION DAIN GAY.Maira Imran ko mashwara hai k puranay khilarion ko team main shamil na karain balkay parhay likhay qabil logon ko agay lain. In mafad paraston say hushyar rahain.
Submited By: Khurram Mirza
06 November 2011
Keep up the good work. Please bring up one point for the anchors. All our anchors have such great responsibility on their shoulders towards Pakistan. The rating of the channel is important but Pakistan comes first. That should be the difference between Zardari and lot and you people. For them their interest comes first. When anchors call people for interview do you realize that they never give you an answer. You ask them about one charge and their answer always is that the other is doing that and you should ask them this first. The simple anchor person always falls into this trap willingly or unwillingly and the whole program is totally wasted. There should be this rule for everyone, Only give answer for the question asked and not to deflect it. Otherwise all this programs are rubbish.Look at your and others programs in the last many years and you will see that each and every question is defelcted. Its very frustrating. If you want answers, then the rule should be,'no deflection, dont use excuses like democracy, constitution, Benazir or bhutto etc. Just stick to the point.
Thank you
Khurram Azam
Submited By: syed hameed shah
05 November 2011
one of the best anchor i like his program
Submited By: ch shani
03 November 2011
MQM ka pithoo..
Submited By: Asif
31 October 2011
Mr Luqman,

I have one question that are you a perfect human being and have no fault in your life?
Submited By: ali
30 October 2011
it's all behind US policy to destroy our currency and destroy all our country earning industries. ab to Allah hi hafiz hay is mulk ka.
Submited By: hamayun tariq
27 October 2011
dear mubahir saab

I have seen your talk show on duniya tv and have learnt about the problems that PIA is facing. It is very sad but i feel the people who were sitting with you are also to be held accountable, they are all bunch of liarrs. They are equally involved in this crime. Plese call PIA officials next time do not let them go also call upon chief justice.

Do as many shows as you can on PIA/RAILWAY topic do not leave them other wise these shows will be buried in your studio. You are our hope do not let us down you are a brave man.

After God you can save this ship called pakistan wasalaam tariq from uk thank you in advance.
Submited By: Tanveer tabassum
21 October 2011
aslamo alakum mubashar sab.
sir me app k program ka parmanent viewer hon...
par jab se mujhe ye pata chala ha k app mqm k promoter han es waqat se mene program koi khas nahi dekha bahot taqleef hoi.

sir pehle app ger janabdar hon, pher program karen inshallah app har del aziz ho jain ge

ye sahafat ki bunyadi joz ha
Submited By: mohammad ayub bhatti
20 October 2011

Submited By: zuama zafar butt
15 October 2011
and one thing app apny program mai aon ko b bolain jino ny entry test mai achay marks liya hai uhs k .... ais tarha ki weightage sy insaf hota hai... kiun k fsc k board k exam mai aisy bohat sy centre hai jahan teacher khud students ko papers krwatay hai..... THINK ABOUT IT... PLEASE...!
Submited By: zuama zafar butt
15 October 2011
i want to tell u something k app ny uhs k baray mai program sara one sided kiya hai.... 50 40 or 10 ki percentage bilkul thek hai... agar kisi bachay ny fsc mai 900+ marks liya hai to aosy chaiya k wo entry test mai b ly... or agar ni leta to its mean k aos ny phr fsc sai ni ki.....
Submited By: faisal bosal
08 October 2011
mubbashar bhai allah aap ko seht dey men aap ki tawujo solar energy ki taraf dilana chata hon.haqumat es ko kun nah promote karti main italy men rehta hon aur yahan bawjood es ke suraj europe pe itna mehrban nhe hota din rat suraj aur hawa se bijli banane wale plants lage ja rehe hain.hamare pas to suraj jitna hay sab ko patta hay aur men es baat pe hairan hon k kabhi shamsi tawanai ki kisi tv channel ne baat nhi ki
Submited By: Arshad Jamal Butt
07 October 2011
Unfortunately our people comment without knowing history of people. We all should read in depth about any person and then make any comment.
Submited By: waheed london
05 October 2011
hi luqman i used to wathch u and meher shows daily but now i dont watch urs cose u r completly one sided i am sorry to say that zardari bought u as well
Submited By: komal amin
04 October 2011
mqm ka chamcha balkay karhcha
Submited By: komal amin
04 October 2011
mqm ka chamcha balkay karhcha
Submited By: kamal
24 September 2011
we like to see him i like to marry you Mr Mubashar.You are very sexy Man.If there is alow in Pakistan marry with Man then i would to like with you marry.
Submited By: Muzzammil.
02 September 2011
One Different Voice from Punjab Who Can Understand Analyse and Elaborate the Matters about its root cause and give very truth message to his follwers......
Otherwise in punjab normally their is no openion, Loota & Lifafa Culture affected the journalism too...
Submited By: nouman
27 August 2011
i want your,s help in a kidnapped case cell no# 03245187781 fb id maheen mahee mhaee
Submited By: EJAZ
25 August 2011
i really apriciate Mr Mubashar Luqman he is true person,and i always seen his all programmes and i feel true in his programmes.Plz you continue your programmes.
Mr Ejaz Form Paris.
Submited By: Muhammad abdullah khan
13 August 2011
Submited By: rana naveed
12 August 2011
Luqman sahib real a great man ilile him very much
Submited By: Muhammad Imran
11 August 2011
Submited By: arain aamir
05 August 2011
very very good man
Submited By: liaqat ali
30 July 2011
luqman mubbasr show on danis schools etc was based on 100% facts.
yellow cab scheme, tandoor scheme danis schools schemes are all failed scheme. wastage of huge govt money.why existing schools are not upgraded. no doubt punjab cm is playing a role of juggler. he will never be on fair track. This is all due to nation which is overall illiterate and emotional. nation believes in personalities not in democracy. however motor way decision was really great one.
liaqat Ali Hafizabad.
Submited By: farhat ali
21 July 2011
mr mubashir i watch your programe really are doing great job. Sir , i just want to draw your attention toward my personal nephew of class 8th studying in crescent lahore is missing after being dropped by the van since last month. We didnt get any call from the kidnappers as yet. Police does not seem to be doing anything...sir now i am looking forward .....if any one can do something in this matter.
sir i myself live in Egypt , but now a days i am in pakistan to get the matter resolved. So sir if you could do something do conatact me on my e mail.......thanks
Submited By: sohail mumtaz
20 July 2011
Submited By: imran naseem
19 July 2011
Mubashir you are the best.mubashir I want to tell you something you are very good anchor do not take the side of MQM my self I am urdu speaker be a honest.And one more thing make a good observation on any topic dont make a decision . Take my advice asbig brother I like you and I watch your show regularly some time you disappoint me anyway Ilike you keep continue. IMRAN (montreal)
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